9 Ball
Indie Pop Rock

African groove, reggae, hip hop

Allan Soberman
Jewish Traditional Prayer Melodies Beachboy/Queen Choral

Alexander Rastopchin
Instrumental guitar music, Acoustic/stringed Instrumentals, Country Rock, Adult Contemporary, Experimental

Alexander Sparinsky
World Music, Ukrainian & Russian traditional, A capella, electronic, new age, musicals, Acoustic

Alex Bovicelli (AXBV)
Trip Hop, Downtempo, Dance

Hip Hop, Female Rap, R&B Vocals

Amy Fairchild
Pop, Pop/Rock, Acoustic, Folk, Pop-Folk, Singer Songwriter

Andrew Chamings
Rock, Indie, Alternative, Acoustic, Acoustic Rock

Andy Mac
Harmony Coated Pop Mellow Acoustic Rock

A Troop of Echoes
Instrumental, Rock, Saxophone, Dance, Postrock, Postpunk

Alternative, Cinematic, Alt Pop, Ethereal, Female Vocal, Downtempo

Aquamarine Studio
Cinematic, Instrumental, Ochestral and Electronic Score

Arts & Kraphts Galleries
Progressive Urban, Alternative, Production Music, Soul, Hip Hop

Beware Fashionable Women
Indie, Alternative Pop

Big Face
Hip Hop, Rap w/ Female Vocal

Blue Confession
Alt Pop, Male Vocal, Pop, Singer-Songwriter

Brian Clayton
R&B, AC, Acoustic, Instrumental, Pop, Folk, Female Vocals

Britney Christian
Pop, Pop Rock, Power Pop

Captain SIB
Psychedelic Rock

Catch 22
Horror, Rock, Classical, Lounge, Ambience, Funk

Central Services
Indie Pop

Chris Janus
Orchestral Score, Epic, Military Film Soundtrack, Wardrums

Chris Mason
Alternative Rock, Rock

Chris Morris
Pop, R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop

City Fritter
Folk-Rock, Americana, Alt-country, Country, Country-Rock

Colin Robinson
Ambient, Rock, Alt. Rock Instrumental

Corey Jackson
Acoustic Groove | Rock

Coyotes and Bourbon
Acoustic Groove, Rock, Acoustic

Craig Pilo
Score, Synth, Action, Drama, 1970s Funk & Jazz

Crying 4 Kafka
Punk Rock, Heavy alt Rock

Dan Griffith
Celtic Instrument | Country Rock

Dana Anton
Pop Vocals with Piano

Darker Half
Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Hard Rock

Darryl Powell
Hip Hop, R&B, Soul

Dave Chambers
Light jazz, Smooth Melodies, Uptempo themes & Piano, Popular, Instrumental, Joyful

David Goode
Indie Pop, Electronic, Synth Score, Orchestral

David Monte Cristo
Electronica, Synthpop

Deanna Johnston
Pop, Rock, Southern Rock, Blues, Female Vocal, Country

Dirty Children
Heavy Alt Pop Rock Female Vocals

Dirty Sanchez
Alternative Rock

DJ QuestionMark
Hip Hop, Funk, Rock, Reggae, Acoustic Groove

DJ of Ability
House, heavy techno

Dom Borer
Indie Brit Pop Rock Folk Acoustic

Hardcore Metal

Doug Cowen & The Basics
Rock – Roots Rock – Rock ‘n’ Roll

Drum Therapy
Funk, electronica, hip hop, rock drum beats

Eddie Sea
Soul, R&B, World

E.L. Mahon
Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Orchestral Jazz, Easy Listening

Emotional Rescue
Power Pop, Disco

Rock, Hard Rock, Ambient

Cello-Classical, Ambient, New Age, Electronica, World

Eric Bolvin
Jazz, Soul, Smooth Jazz, Swing

Eric Goetz
Score, String Instrumental

Eric Petersen
Instrumental, Classical, Ambient

Eric Roberts
Acoustic, Smooth Jazz, Brazilian, New Age

Eric Schrotenboer
Piano, Instrumental, Score, New Age, Easy Listening, Ambient, Classical

Extra Ghost
Groove Rock

Fast Eddy
Rock, Pop, Country

Five Seven Five Music
Experimental, Electronic, Indie Pop

Geoffrey Keezer
Jazz, Score, Piano

Girls Love Shoes
Alt Electronic Pop, Female Vocals

Grand Prix
Hip Hop, Dance, R&B

Funk, reggae, hip hop, groove

Gus Caveda
Alternative, Acoustic

Groove Generator
Dance, House, Funk, Chill-out, Ambient

Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Jazz, New Age, Orchestral

Herb Hartley
Country, Jazz, Latin, Movie Soundtrack, Commercial spots, Trailer Music

Heavy Metal Harmonica
Hard Rock

Rock Instrumentals, String Sections

Hollywood Haunts Records
Dance, Halloween, Dark Theatrical, Sound Design, Novelty

Hunter Paye

Pop/Rock, World, Fusion

Dark, Haunting and Ghost Ambient Music

James Cahall
New Age, Solo Piano

James McMenemy
Pop, Female Vocal, Piano, Soft Rock

James Rieder
Orchestral, Ambient Soundscapes, Film Styles, Jazz

James Shepard
Rock & Roll, 50s Rock, Blues

Jan Davis Guitar
Acoustic Guitar, Flamenco, Classical Guitar, Latin, Jazz, Adult Contemporary, Surf, Instrumentals

Jay Condiotti
Acoustic Rock

Jennifer Matthews
Acoustic Rock, Folk Rock, Soul, Indie, Ambient, Dramatic Rock

Jerome N. Margolis
Classical, Jazz, Historic Period, Contemporary, Drama, Comedy, Mystery Music

Jesse J. Smith
Instrumental, Rock, Classical, Electronica, Jazz, Pop, Holiday, Southern Rock

Jimmy Olsen
Rock, Pop, Electronica

Jimmy Roland
Electronica, Dance, R&B

Joe Lynch
Adult Alt Rock

Joi Veer
Upbeat & Happy Pop Rock

Johnny Zapp
Rock, Punk, Power Pop

Jonathan C. Ulmer
Instrumental/Orchestral Music for Film, TV, Commercial, and Video Game

Joshua W. Scott
Singer Songwriter, Acoustic Rock

Jukebox Serenade
Indie Rock, Female Vocals, Alt Rock, Power Pop

Kama Linden
Dance Pop

Kelli Hanson
Alternative Rock, Acoustic

Kenneth Bauer
Classical Soundtrack, Score, Instrumental, Orchestral

Laman (olujade) Richards
Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, Instrumentals

Larry Weiss
Country, Country Rock

Lawrence Blatt
Acoutic Jazz Instrumental

Lex Price
acoustic, ambient, folk, americana, soundscape

LinKanto – Alessandro Russo
Orchestral, Score

Legrand & Franks
Ragtime Banjo

Funk, Soul, Piano, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Instrumental, Electronic

LinKanto – Alessandro Russo
Instrumental, Orchestral, Score

Mad Harry
Pop, Female Vocal, Dance

Mark William Airlie
Ambient, Avant-garde, Indie Rock, Classical

Mark Allan Wolfe
Rock Instrumentals, Score

Mark Collins
Industrial, Electronic, Ambient

Mark Monwid
Electronic Beats, Industrial, Ambient

Mark Quinn
Rock Instrumentals, Drum beats

Mark Unathank
Rock, Pop, Soul, Dance

Matthijs Vos
Contemporary Classical, World, Ambient

MetroElite Music
Jazz, R&B, Hip Hop, World, Reggae, Reggaeton, New Age, House

Michael McKissack
Rock, Funk, Blues, Pop, Jazz, Orchestral

Michael Nickolas/Studio Nine Productions
Adult Contemporary, Acoustic, World, Jazz, Funk

Michelle Katz
Indie Rock, Singer Songwriter, Female Vocals, Alt Country

Michelle Mangione
Acoustic Rock, Americana, Rock, Folk Rock, Folk Pop

Midnight Moon Ensemble
New Age, World, Piano, Female Vocal

Mike Dawson
Country Rock

Mike E.T.
Rock, Alternative, Guitar Rock, Hard Rock

Mike Goudreau
Big Band Vocal, Blues, Traditional

Mitchell Jay
Instrumental, Piano Music, Scoring Cues, Cinematic

Electronic, Electronica, Ambient Groove, Modern Rock, Hip Hop

Munch aka M.u. Buccs
Hip Hop, Rap

Music 2 Motion
Instrumental, Electronica, Ambient, World

Music Park
Instrumental Hip Hop, Soul, Adult Contemporary, R&B/Pop

Nadia Fay
Alt Pop, Female Vocals

Downtempo, Groove, Rock, Pop, Female vocal, Atmospheric

Nick Smith
Pop, Electronica, Rock, Hip Hop, Cinematic

Nikki Nash
Hillbilly, Old Mountain, Americana, Country, Folk, Indie Rock

Nicky Shane
Hard Rock

Pam Shaffer
Singer-Songwriter, Female Vocals, Indie, Electro-Acoustic, Pop

Paull Rubin
Blues Rock, Slide Guitar

Peter Brown
Jazz, Rock, Classical, Ethereal, Traditional, Irish, Latin, Asian, World

Peter Corr
World, Ambient, Chill, Cool Jazz

Philly Cuzz Battaglia
Beach, Pop, Doo Wop, R&B, Christmas, Instrumentals

Phil Wright
Commercial Pop Rock

Indie, Nu-Disco, Dance, Electronic Instrumental

Acoustic Folk Rock, Singer Songwriter

Rhonda Lorence
New age, Strings, Orchestral, Score, Ethereal

Richard Abbott
Classical, Symphonic, Orchestral, Epic Anthem

Robert Lauri
Pop, Score, World Music, Urban, Soul, Funk

Rob Johnson
Pop rock

Robin Munson
Contemporary Country, Adult Contemporary

Roger Hewett
Orchestral, Instrumental, Classical

Rock, Pop, Punk, Alternative Rock

Rudy Pusateri
Rock, Pop, Country, Metal, Orchestral, Jazz, Urban, Electronic, Acoustic

Russell Chudnofsky
Ambient guitar for film

Sean O’Donoghue
Acoustic Singer Songwriter

Shannon Fayth
Adult Pop Contemporary Singer Songwriter

Sonny Fazio
Classical Soundtrack, Score, Instrumental, Orchestral, Jazz, Strings, Ethno-World, Easy Listening

Sonya Kahn
Pop, Rock, Alternative

Stefan Meylaers
Classical, Jazz, World, Ambient, Cinematic

Steve Soest | Shorebreak music
Rock, Surf Guitar Instrumentals

Shunnae Love
Inspirational, Gospel, Jazz

Subject to Thoughts
Progressive Rock Music

Electronic, Electronica, Dance

T-Bone Beats
Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Pop, Latin

The Fab Rudies
Alternative Punk, Pop, Ska

The Lightfighters
Soul, Rock, Blues, Alternative

The Max
Power pop, Rock, Pop

Soul Spaceship
Hip Hop, Reggae, Acoustic Groove

The Stan Sermons
Rock, Pop, Alternative

The Syndakit
Pop Rock, Electronica, Hip Hop

Tim Clemmons
Score, Background, Classical

Hard Rock, Rock

Transcend with Time
New Age, Ambient

Indie Rock (Heavy with Female Vocals)

Trevis T
Rap, Hip Hop, Reggaeton

True 2 Voodoo
Alt Rock (mellow)

Rap Metal Music

Wayne Gamache
Rock, Pop, Country, Novelty

Wayne Numan
Electronic, Cinematic, Experimental, World, Ethnic

Western Horizon Productions
Orchestral and electronic score, themes, source music

Wet Paint Forever
Lo-fi, indie, analog, organic instrumentals, abstract pop

W.F. Floyd
Easy Listening, Smooth Jazz

Pop, Rock, Adult Contemporary

Young Dread
Urban, Reggae, R&B, Hip Hop

Zero Minus One
Heavy Rock