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James Shepard – Rock and Roll, 50s Rock, Rockabilly Blues Music for Film and Television music licensing

Mississippi Blue…New Orlean style blues jam instrumental
Shake The Blues…rockabilly – Christmas
Swoon…Dylanesque bluesy number
8x10…traditional country tune
Banquet of Consequences…Bluesy, jazzy jam
Watching Paint Dry Rockabilly Blues Instrumental
High School Heartache 50s rock with sax
Forever Friend Singer-songwriter (beatles-like harmonies)
Maybe l Country Rock

jamesshepard 50s rock music for film and television music licensing

Rockabilly, 50s Rock, blues, country, folk, singer-songwriter

The Beatles / Harry Nilsson / Simon & Garfunkle / Phil Keaggy

James Shepard

Acres of original songs in many styles, with vocals and instrumentals as well as faithful covers of sixties icons like The Beatles/Dylan/Monkees

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