Mark Unathank – Rock, Pop, Soul, Dance, Hip Hop Music for Film and TV Music Licensing

I'm Moving On — Uptempo Dance/Pop Female Vocal
Tru 2 U — Midtempo Hip Hop/Pop – Male Vocal
AahAah Yeah Yeah — Uptempo Rock Rap – Male Vocal
Annie — Rock/Folk Ballad – Male Vocal
Borrowed Times — Midtempo Adult Pop – Female Vocal
I Can't Breathe — Rock/Pop Ballad – Male Vocal
I'm Looking Up – – Midtempo Pop/Rock – Male Vocal
Lil' Miss Golden Girl — Midtempo Pop/Rock – Male Vocal
Some Won't Have Tomorrow – – Rock/Pop Ballad – Male Vocal
Stay — Soul/Pop Ballad – Male Vocal
mark unthank music for film and TV music licensing
Rock, Pop, Soul, Dance

Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Rihanna, Robin Thicke, Seal, Train

Mark Unathank