Mike E.T. – Rock, Alternative, Guitar Rock, Hard Rock Music for Film & TV

Mike E.T. of CrimsonFaced & The Alien Mike E.T.
All vocal music also available as instrumentals
Pretty People (CrimsonFaced) — Nine Inch Nails meets Marilyn Manson at a disco
Blameless (CrimsonFaced) — Nirvana meets Nine Inch Nails at a psychotherapy meeting
Terrified (CrimsonFaced) — Nine Inch Nails meets Vai at an all night horror movie showing
Drunk (CrimsonFaced) — Foo Fighters meets John Lennon at an AA meeting
Glass Wind (The Alien Mike E.T.) — Vai meets Beck and Satiriani at a halloween party
Emotion Twice Removed (The Alien Mike E.T.) — Bach and Mozart jam to Beethoven
Infected (The Alien Mike E.T.) — Vai meets Nine Inch Nails at an Alien abduction
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Rock, Alternative, Guitar Rock, Hard Rock, Horror, Mystery, Suspense, Erotica, Slasher, Thriller, Intense Drama, Action, Extreme Sports

Imagine, what if Nine Inch Nails, Metallica, King Crimson, Ozzy, Sabbath, Nirvana, The Beatles, Zeppelin, Cheap Trick, Van Halen, Stone Temple Pilots, Steve Vai, Beethoven, My Chemical Romance, Pink Floyd and Frank Zappa were all thrown into a blender with some Tequila and strawberries… Then add a bong hit or two… That just BEGINS to tell the story… Hold on to your hats because the roller coaster is going off the tracks…

Michael Trapp – a.k.a. Mike E.T. a.k.a. The Alien

1. Divine Unrest (2008), composer – Sex Song – The Naughty Mix, Apology –
The Sorry Mix, Crazy.(Directed by David Dietrich)

2. Nefarious (2008), composer – Pretty People. (Directed by Terri Albert)

3. These Walls (coming in 2011), composer – Scared, These Walls, Sick,
Infected. (Directed by Ty King)

4. Marilyn’s Self Seduction, (2009), composer – Blameless. (Directed by Tone

5. Slay Angels (episode 4) , (2009), composer – Emotion Twice Removed. (Sam L. Siragusa, Producer/Editor, Barbara Siragusa, co-producer)

6. Harley Fire Live! Radio Theme, (2009), composer, voiceover, Harely Fire
Radio Spots. (Host – Harely Fire)

7. Control Tower, (2009), composer – Pretty People. (Studio – Different
Dreamer Films)

8. Unvanilla Radio Theme and Spots, (2009), composer, voiceover, Unvanilla
Radio Spots on LA Talk Radio. (Hosts – Harley Fire and Baadmaster)

9. Natural Demise, (2010), composer, Pretty People. (Directed by Richard
Ryan – Ox Films)

Mike E.T. – Rock, Alternative, Guitar Rock, Hard Rock Music for Film & TV