Philly Cuzz Battaglia – Beach, Pop, Doo Wop, R&B, Christmas, Film music, Instrumental Music for Licensing

Philly Cuzz Battaglia – Beach, Pop, Doo Wop, R&B, Christmas, Film music, Instrumentals
Sailing the Merry Sea (Overture to Pirates of Doo Wop Lagoon) — Classical Orchestra Instrumental
Then They Wonder Why — Fun up tempo doo wop harmony song
Beach Dance — Beach Pop Instrumental
Seascape — Scenic, reflective, watery instrumental
We Are Americans — Inspired by 9/11, contagious sing along chorus
Sultry Pepper — Latin, mysterious short rhythmic instrumental
Christmas Time To Play — Yule tide fun, features a kids chorus and clapping routine on choruses

Philly Cuzz Music for Film and & TV
Beach, Pop, Doo Wop, R&B,Christmas, Film music, Instrumentals of various moods and styles

As a singer: Drifters, Rascals, Philly Soul, Bobby Darin
As an arranger: Arif Mardin, Percy Faith, George Martin
As a composer: Copland, Stravinsky, Korngold, Rossini, Tiomkin, Debussy
As a songwriter: Beatles, Beach Boys, Anthony Newley / Leslie Briccuse, musical theater.

Philly Cuzz Battaglia
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Philly Cuzz currently has one of the top requested doo wop songs on radio. His original “One Summer Night” written in 2004 (not a remake of the same name oldie) is played in rotation on Sirius XM’s Cool Bobby B Show – (read comments via Philly Cuzz/ You Tube.) His self produced beach albums have been a staple at the South Jersey shore since 2000, often featured on gift shops counters, as well as, regional Borders and Barnes and Noble stores. His On The Way To Cape May with Philly Cuzz and The Shoobies CD actually made the front page story of the Philadelphia Sunday Inquirer.

Cuzz writes “for three generations cruising to the shore in a family car,” and as a result has a following that is uniquely multigenerational. Featured at the Las Vegas Doo Wop Convention, one fan remarked, “Philly Cuzz makes music that doo wop grandparents and the grandkids can bond with.” The Pentagon’s radio station actually featured in rotation his 9/11 song “We Are Americans”. And when you think of Philadelphia, you might think of cheese steaks. Cuzz wrote the jingle for the top cheese steak joint is South Philly – Geno’s Steaks. He also played keyboards for the vintage doo wop group The Tymes and was the last piano player to peform at Atlantic City’s legendary 500 Club. His piano was lost in the club’s fire.

Presently, the composer-singer is finishing a radio play musical titled Philly Cuzz and The Pirates of Doo Wop Lagoon – A Tale Of The Jersey Devil. The project includes original film music for drama and narration along with original songs and a few cover tunes. Some Doo Wop online magazines are calling a new song from the show – “Then They Wonder Why” – the most exciting doo wop song since The Capri’s “Morse Code Of Love.”

Philly Cuzz Battaglia – Beach, Pop, Doo Wop, R&B, Christmas, Film music, Instrumentals