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Playbac – Hip Hop & Rap Music for Film and Television

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Shallow Deep Hip Hop Rap
Field of Vision Hip Hop Rap
Home Grown Tones Hip Hop Rap
Positive Provocative Hip Hop Rap
Scarin’ Me Hip Hop Rap
Feeling Like Citrus Hip Hop Rap + Lady J 91.9 KCSB

Playbac Music for Film and Television

Playback Music for Film and Television

Conscious rapper Playbac speaks from the heart in songs that are filled with depth and social commentary. Poetic lyrics are concise and sprawling at the same time, complicated yet clear. Music created by Playbac and multi-instrumentalist/producer Mike McHugh.

Erick B & Rakim, Gangstar and Tribe Called Quest shaken up with George Clinton and James Brown.

Santa Barbara, CA

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