The Syndakit – Pop Rock, Electronica, Hip Hop Music for Film & TV Licensing

Detour — (Pop song, Emotional, Heartbreak, Tension, etc)
Strait Jacket — (R&B Ballad, Regrets, Hurt, Heartache, etc)
Take You Home — (Hip-Hop, Club Scene, Electronica, New Love, Party music, etc)
Nite In Paradise — (Worldly, Ethnic, Travel, Ambient, etc)
THe Syndakit music for film & tv licensing
Pop/Rock to Hip-Hop and everything In between

Zab Judah’s Pay Per View “Road To Redemption” Fight Promo Commercial, MTV, Warner Brothers TV, CBS Networks, etc.

For Business Inquiries please contact Osei Jenkins at, or Kevin Rockhill at

Kevin is from New Jersey, Osei is from Maryland

The Syndakit – Pop/Rock to Hip-Hop Music for Film & TV Licensing